Recruiting & General Information

General Information 
Lagerlof, Senecal, Gosney & Kruse, LLP was originally founded in downtown Los Angeles in 1908, and has been located in Pasadena since 1990. Our mission is to provide clients with top quality legal services while emphasizing the lawyer’s ethical obligations to both the client and the legal community. Although our practice can be demanding, we stress quality of life and encourage our attorneys to develop and maintain personal and professional interests apart from the firm. Our atmosphere is congenial, with a strong sense of teamwork directed toward achieving the goals of both our clients and the firm.

Nature of Practice 
The firm’s practice is diverse in nature, affording a variety of opportunities for personal practice development. Its composition can be loosely categorized as follows: Corporate, Real Estate, Construction, Labor and Tax Matters (25%); Estate Planning, Family Wealth Transition, Probate and Trusts (25%); Municipal, Administrative and Water Law (25%); Civil Litigation (20%); Other, including Environmental Law, Antitrust, Bankruptcy, Intellectual Property, and Domestic Relations (5%).

The firm has a summer clerk program for second year law students and participates in on-campus interviews at UCLA School of Law, USC Law School, and Loyola Law School, usually every other Fall. Students selected for the summer clerk program will engage in an 8-week clerkship designed to introduce the student to the firm’s practice. Summer clerks receive pay commensurate to a first year associate and are eligible for an offer for full time employment after graduating law school upon completion of the program.

We are interested in applicants who have demonstrated academic achievement and are in the upper third of their class. Naturally, participation by a student in law review, other similar scholarly journals or the advanced moot court program is favorably considered. Candidates who display an entrepreneurial spirit and an interest in eventually contributing to the growth and development of the firm’s client base are favorably regarded. Beyond this, we recognize that other factors are important in producing a good lawyer, and encourage applicants to bring such factors to our attention.

The Role of the Beginning Lawyer or Summer Clerk 
Summer clerks and beginning lawyers are assigned to work with experienced attorneys in a variety of practice areas. The firm attempts to afford them reasonable contact with trial matters and pre-trial procedure, business law, tax, and probate matters. There is a close working relationship between the lawyers and the summer clerks, as well as among the lawyers, themselves. Each new attorney is permitted to assume individual responsibility as his or her interests, skills and experience develop.

Experienced lawyers provide guidance and suggestions as needed or requested. After a few months, the new lawyer typically will have significant responsibility involving several matters, and will be assisting more experienced attorneys on a few major cases or transactions. Client contact and relationship development at an early stage of the starting lawyer’s practice is a significant firm goal.

While most firm members gradually develop greater expertise in some areas than others, each lawyer handles a broad variety of business-related issues. Neither the firm nor its lawyers confine legal practice to a particular specialty. We provide our lawyers with the challenge of representing a sophisticated clientele in a range of business and personal matters with a high degree of professional competence. Our goal is to assist the beginning attorney in becoming a well-rounded lawyer.

In order to develop professional skills and habits that will serve each lawyer well throughout his or her career, the firm strives to place an emphasis on the quality work early on. New lawyers are not expected to produce clients immediately, but gradually are encouraged to participate actively in the firm’s practice development activities.

General Policies
Salaries paid to our new lawyers and summer clerks are comparable to those paid by other firms of similar size and stature in our locale. Advancement within the firm is dependent on the efforts, abilities and performance of the individual. Each associate is hired with the expectation that he or she will ultimately become a partner in the firm. Associate attorneys are entitled to two weeks paid vacation each year. The firm provides comprehensive medical insurance, a dental plan, State, County and local Bar dues, parking and a business development expense account. Each year, our attorneys and their families enjoy a three-day outing to a recreational resort in Southern California. The firm sponsors other special events during the year, some of which include families.

The firm fosters a collegial culture that is both stimulating and supportive, one that stresses both personal and professional development. We encourage a climate that promotes a broad-based legal and business expertise while encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and individuality. We are a firm where attorneys have consistently chosen to remain throughout their careers.