Mutual Water Company Law

In its 100+ year history, Lagerlof, Senecal, Gosney & Kruse LLP has earned a statewide reputation for excellence in water law. Today, we serve as general counsel for many leading water agencies, both public and private, including over 20 mutual water companies, and have acted as special counsel in numerous other circumstances.

Our attorneys have extensive experience serving water purveyors of all types on matters, ranging from immediate response to the many issues they encounter daily, to handling of complex litigation. We currently serve as legal counsel to the California Rural Water Association, whose membership includes hundreds of mutual water companies, and for whom we have developed an efficient, cost-effective retainer arrangement. We also were instrumental in the formation of the California Association of Mutual Water Companies (CAMWC), which seeks to organize, educate and advocate on behalf of mutual water companies throughout the State.

The firm offers a broad pallet of services geared to the particular needs of mutual water companies, including:

  • Bylaw Reviews: assure bylaws are up to date from a legal standpoint, and are adequate to address any unique circumstances that may exist.
  • Shareholder Meetings: advise on how to manage shareholder meetings, to ensure that the technical requirements of the Corporations Code are being followed in noticing meetings, confirming shareholder status and dealing with contentious shareholders.
  • Corporate Compliance Audits: identify any operational deficiencies that may exist and recommend corrective courses of action.
  • Regulatory Compliance: to ensure compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, NPDES, California Division of Drinking Water regulations and other regulatory authorities.
  • Legislative Advocacy: through our membership on the State Legislative Committee for the Association of California Water Agencies, our lawyers review every new piece of water-related legislation and identify those that have a potential impact.
  • Budgets & Finance: assistance with the budgeting process and available options in budget and rate-setting matters.
  • Employment Issues: with extensive experience in the employment law arena, we can provide the guidance and advice needed to avoid problems and help resolve them when they do arise.
  • Collections guidance: to see that practices are put in place to minimize financial losses and ensure compliance with the law.
  • Capital Improvement Financing: assistance with evaluating options for financing system upgrades and/or other capital improvements.

The firm’s attorneys actively represent the industry on legislative matters. We have appeared before the State Legislature to offer testimony and guidance, and in the past several years, have been at the forefront in drafting [AB656], and successfully amending [AB 54 and AB 240], and defeating [AB 817] legislation to lessen the impact on mutual water companies.

We have conducted numerous AB 54 training sessions for mutual water company directors and have also made presentations on compliance with AB 240’s requirements.