Fiduciary Support Services

With the greying of America and the unprecedented wealth transition currently taking place, the role of the private fiduciary has never been more vital.  The responsibility to administer a trust correctly, pass legal scrutiny and, at the same time, faithfully serve the sometimes competing interests of beneficiaries requires the highest standards of integrity, judgment and diligence.

While most private fiduciaries are conscientious and take their role seriously, not all have the full range of knowledge or skills to discharge their duties completely and confidently.  They may not require legal representation, but many would like the security that comes from seamless maintenance of accounting records and proper reporting to beneficiaries, courts, taxing authorities and others.

Lagerlof Fiduciary Support Services closes these gaps by providing the seamless back office support that a fiduciary needs.  We make it easier to work with the CPA or tax preparer, with beneficiaries, with the courts and others by providing accurate, detailed, reliable reports.  Our Fiduciary Support Services cover:

  • Bookkeeping, distributions, deposits and payment of bills
  • Financial organization, records-keeping, reporting and management
  • Annual and/or quarterly cash basis accountings
  • Court accountings

Trust accounting can be challenging, and it’s quite possible to overlook specific requirements for court-supervised accountings. Because our Fiduciary Support professionals work closely within our law firm, they can help private fiduciaries stay current with these and other requirements. Our work product is timely, accurate and understandable. There are no mistakes to correct or documents to be redrafted.

Being in the midst of estate planning expertise also gives us a keen understanding of the legal aspects of trust administration. Lagerlof, Senecal, Gosney & Kruse, LLP has decades of experience serving trusts, private foundations, conservatorships and guardianships, and a number of the firm’s attorneys serve as trustees.  We understand the court’s requirements and the needs of fiduciaries from first-hand experience, and have become highly effective in meeting them.

Above all, we strive to develop true consultative relationships with our clients, which results in highly personalized service. We don’t just scan the books and then try to piece things together. We work to understand the family dynamics and nature and intent of the trust so as to address all related needs and concerns and raise the assurance of all parties.

The benefits of this experience and knowhow are many:  Greater thoroughness and accuracy. Less delay. Less hassle. Less paperwork.  Fewer headaches.  And above all, greater peace of mind.

For more information, please contact Lagerlof Fiduciary Support Services by phone: 626.793.9400 or by Email: