Michelle Neames Fiduciary Accounting Manager
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Michelle Neames

Michelle Neames has been with Lagerlof, Senecal, Gosney & Kruse since 1990.  In addition to supervising the financial operations of the firm as Fiduciary Accounting Manager, she heads the firm’s Family Office sector and its Fiduciary Support Services practice.

The family Office sector provides family bill pay for clients with a need for personal or small company bookkeeping and accounting services, as well as for conservatorships and guardianships.

Lagerlof Fiduciary Support Services provides seamless back office support to fiduciaries. Its objective is to facilitate smooth reporting and compliance, and to enhance the fiduciary’s working relationships with CPAs or tax preparers, beneficiaries, auditors, the courts and others. The firm’s services cover all aspects of bookkeeping, financial organization, records-keeping, reporting and management, annual and/or quarterly financial statements and cash basis accountings, and court accountings in compliance with governing documents and applicable laws and regulations.  These services are offered to the firm’s legal clients as well as to independent fiduciaries who are not in need of the firm’s legal services.

In this capacity, Ms. Neames naturally works closely with the firm’s attorneys who provide estate planning and probate services and/or serve as trust administrators. These working relationships give her a keen up-to-date understanding of the legal aspects of trust accounting, enabling her to keep clients abreast of specific court requirements and related legal factors.